Interior Turnkey Standard (Free design)

More than 200 standard designs free of charge

If you are looking for wide choice of designs with a large range of interior decorative materials that can meet your budget, our Interior Turnkey Standard is for you. We give you access to more than 218 Residential & Hospitality standard designs free of charge with different finishing levels that can meet the budget of everyone. If our quick quote meets your budget we will develop the 3D design of your project according the style you choose.

Our Interior Turnkey Standard is based on three different styles Modern, Contemporary and Classic.

Installation the key point of a successful project

We give lot of importance to the installation; we believe at Recosine that each successful project is not only good design and quality materials. The installation is also really important to get the best finishing and make your project the most attractive. We have developed our own installation process that allows you to save time, cost and make your project successful.

If you choose Recosine Standard Design and Materials, we will provide you full assistance for the installation. A good installation starts with an installation design that allows you to follow the right process for the installation. At Recosine we provide you this installation design for free of charge if you choose our Interior Turnkey standard solution for your project.

Recosine's Commitment, The best Value for Quality/Price/Service.

  • Project Analysis:

    To offer the best quality service at Recosine, the customer will receive full analysis and technical advice for its project from our project management team. Recosine understand that to get a successful project we need high quality initial scoping.
  • Free Design:

    We provide a free design service to our customers.
  • Wide range of product choices:

    At Recosine we source a wide range of quality product for each style and budget.
  • Quick quotation:

    At Recosine we can give you full quotation for your project within 1 hour.
  • 3 year installation warranty:

    At Recosine, we know our products well and how to provide installation quality - so we are the only company to give a 3 year warranty.
  • Financial help:

    Recosine propose financial solution that facilitate all customers being able to move forward with us.