Interior Turnkey Customized (Charge design)

You want a customized project

You are looking for a customized design with all interior decorative materials for your Residential or Hospitality project, Our Interior Turnkey Customized solution is for you. At Recosine we have the capabilities to provide you any style of design for your project. With more than 50 foreigner and Chinese designers, we are able to meet all demands and provide the best service to our customer. Recosine has built a serious reputation with its luxury reference project like 5 star hotels, luxury villa and residential apartment projects.

Our interior turnkey solution with customized design has three main steps

Every project starts with a Concept Design. During this stage we need strong communication with you to analyze your competitors, the style of hotel and how you want to present the property to your customers and any needs to adapt to the local culture. From this comes the finished Concept Design. This design finalizes style and colors to be used on the 3D design. The 3D design will mix cultural aspects, city landscape and your chosen styles for the final design.

3D Design

Once the Concept design and Floor Plan Design are completed Recosine will develop the 3D design.

Floor Plan Design

Upon acceptance of the Concept Design we will create a 2D floor plan to assist with furniture placements and colors. We will suggest the best optimization of space – and once agreed you can start construction.

Installation Plan

This stage is vital to a successful project. The 500 page plan will provide detailed installation instructions for all materials (electrical, lighting, furniture, floor coverings).

Materials & furniture, ornament and equipment (FFE)

All the interior materials and FFE from our customized design are available. At Recosine we know that after the design developers have difficulty buying materials and FFE. Our process and R&D team allow us to supply any materials for our customers. Our one stop approach will allow you to save time and reduce cost.


We place a lot of importance on the installation; At Recosine, we believe that each successful project is not only good design and quality materials. The installation is vitally important to get the best finishing and make your project the most attractive. We have developed our own installation process that allows you to save time, cost and make your project successful.

If you choose Recosine customized Design and Materials, we will provide you with full assistance for the installation. A good installation starts with an installation design that allows you to follow the right process for the installation. The installation design is one of the 4 design steps.

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