Who We Are

Our History

Recosine was founded over 17 years ago in a fast growing up and high tech city in Shenzhen, China. Variety and diversification has played a key role in the growth of a business group that started off with selling building materials. Since then, we have been providing project management with not only its wide product range but also leading modern design for interior solution to more than 800 developers with unparalleled innovation, quality and service. The family who originally founded Recosine back 1997 still runs it today under the same core values of work ethics and integrity.

Recosine Operates Worldwide

Recosine has experienced incredible growth in international markets over the year and today we are investing over 50 countries worldwide through more than 800 developers, 100 designers, 400 builders and 2 franchise showrooms. Recosine’s unique Interior Turn Key Concept allows us to bring you a wide choice of design to meet all taste and budget.

Our Company Overview


We started our operation in 1997 – With more than 17 years’ experience, operating in accordance with firmly values such as innovation and quality, and especially the trust it has places in its extensive human capital, made up of almost 200 skilled professionals to become the choice resources for Developers, builders & Architects. Recosine has annual revenue of over $ 80 million and has been growing at a pace of 50% for the past 4 years


Give access to our interior turnkey solution to all developers.


Worldwide leading enterprise devoted to interior project solutions.